Hofseth is one of the largest suppliers of top-quality Norwegian Salmon, Steelhead, Haddock, and Cod to North America.


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Raised In glacial waters for a unique and clean taste

The Fjords of Norway contain the soul of the country. Carved by glaciers and fed by snowmelt, fjords are home to the earth’s cleanest water. They are also home to our fish. Hofseth raises the finest salmon on the planet in the planet’s most unique environment. By adhering to the strictest international standards for farmed fish, Hofseth will stem the tide of overfishing and help wild salmon populations rebound.

Hofseth BioCare provides high quality biomarine ingredients for human applications. Using off-cuts from our seafood processing facilities and  innovative technology, we are able to preserve quality protein, calcium and oil extracted from the fish.

Products that previously could only be used for animal feed can now be made suitable for human consumption and pharmaceuticals.