Nutritional supplements made from the best biomarine ingredients.

We utilize the whole fish which reduces waste but also allow us to produce high-quality protein, calcium and oil extracted directly from the fish.


OmeGo is the freshest and purest Norwegian salmon oil for nutrition and diet on the market today. The oil is 100% Norwegian and is manufactured using a unique production process. The oil is gently extracted from salmon cut, without any additives and with a natural red color. We have conducted a number of studies showing superior results compared to other fish oils in the market.


Our fresh, pure salmon oil OmeGo affects your body just as if you are eating whole fresh salmon – like our ancestors did hundreds of years ago. If you take OmeGo capsules once a day, it has been shown that this will affect important markers to reduce plaque in the blood vessels of humans and therefore help fight cardiovascular disease.

Experience Our Salmon Oil


ProGo is a soluble protein powder produced from Salmon that has the fastest uptake of protein nitrogen into the body. ProGo is very important for your body when you have exercised and your muscles have broken down protein.


Hofseth Biocare Endurance Protein is a dietary supplement designed to quickly restore muscle tissue after exercise. Studies suggest that even taking small amounts of salmon protein directly before and after intense exercise can improve the training effect while reducing the duration of restitution. Endurance protein is completely natural, certified sustainable and free of additives. Endurance protein consists of ProGo®.


CalGo is a marine, calcium powder produced from salmon bones without any artificial chemicals or additives added in.


The most important health benefit when using CalGo is quality of life. Taking daily capsules of CalGo can be very important, particularly for people who are older and who’s skeletal bone mass is shrinking and becoming more brittle. CalGo is a natural bone powder and early clinical studies have shown its unique ability to help increase bone density and new bone deposition. Taking CalGo from an early age may help you build the skeletal strength needed to improve the quality of your life as you get older.